Update for September 2020
Here is a letter for all parents/carers and pupils with an update on how school will be in  September 2020. Please if you have any questions or concerns contact Claire Johnson 07713 499 646 so we can discuss these further.
We can't wait to have everyone back in September and hear all about your 'Lockdown Adventures'.
End of term is Thursday 23rd July 2020. You can still contact the school until then on 01208 74969.
See below some photos of what you have been up to.
Berrycoombe Super Hero Learners
 It's been lovely these last few weeks having so many children back to school and seeing them have fun playing with friends and back to learning in school. Here is just a small example of the amazing work that is continuing in school and at home. You can even see how the school is set up to keep everyone safe but to allow learning and play to continue. 
Keep up all your hard work and we look forward to seeing ore of you over the next few weeks.

Attendance and punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality are really important to everyone at Berrycoombe School. Claire Johnson, the school's Attendance Officer, monitors attendance and punctuality closely and she is also the school's Parent Support Advisor so will be in touch with you if the school has any concerns. 
Internet Safety
Below is a great video to share with your children on how to keep themselves safe online.
Points to remember:
Do not share your personal details with anyone- Address, age, date of birth, school.
If you feel uncomfortable talk to an adult at home or in school.
Parents all consoles have simple procedures to report/block players. 
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