Cornwall Week
It's nearly here the first event week of 2019 and it's all about Cornwall. Head over to the Event Weeks tab for more details.

Admission Policy 2021 reducing our PAN (Pupil Admission Numbers) from 34 to 30. 

This has been agreed by Governors but any formal reduction requires consultation.  We are consulting with you now.  This move would reduce our maximum class size from 34 to 30 throughout the school.  If you have any comments or feedback in relation to this proposed change to our Pupil Admission Numbers please contact: or speak to Craig direct.

Internet Safety
Below are 2 great videos to share with your children on how to keep themselves safe online.
Points to remember:
Do not share your personal details with anyone- Address, age, date of birth, school.
If you feel uncomfortable talk to an adult at home or in school.
Parents all consoles have simple procedures to report/block players. 
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Breaking News
The School Council would like to talk to you about Berrycoombe school's New Year resolution- Healthy Snacks.
Thank you to our Year 6 councillors for this report.
Autumn Term Reading Awards
The awards were presented this term by Berrycoombe's very own Toby the Dog. Toby congratulated each of the classes as the children were presented their certificates by their class teacher.
See below for Toby's final comment
Inspection Report of Berrycoombe School
28 March 2017

 The lead inspector was David Edwards, HMI.

We are happy to announce that our inspection report has now been published and we can share it with you.

This was a one day inspection and the school remains a 'Good' School. You will see that the style of the report is different to previous reports and is a letter addressed to the head teacher.

We are proud of this result and especially with knowing that the inspector walked away from the school impressed with the children's behaviour and attitude to learning.

We are also pleased to hear how you feel about our school.

‘Teachers celebrate each child’s success as they progress. They never give up on our children!’

 ‘We love that the school encourages every child to do their best,’ 

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