Beach Day 2018

10th July 2018
Whole School Beach Day
On Tuesday 10th July 2018, 208 children, 4 coaches, 28 members of staff and 208 bottles of sun cream and hats made the journey to Polzeath beach for a day of fun on the sand and in the water.
Thankfully all children,all members of staff and a whole load of sand made it back with only one coach breaking down for a short time. Check out the photos of the fun that we had.
'The best bit was playing Duck, Duck, Goose on the beach' Ivy Year 1-2
'I dug a big hole' Harley Year 1-2
'I liked swimming and diving in the water' Lilly Year 1-2
'I loved seeing the children having lots of fun splashing in the rock pools'
 Mrs Nicholls