Berrycoombe Bake off Week- May 2017

The Great Berrycoombe Bake Off!
What a week it has been. Cupcake baking, rocky road making, picnic eating, cream pie throwing.
Well done on a fun filled week with some truly creative work shown in this video.
 And remember keep baking.
"The best bit was seeing Miss Marriott burning through her bowl!"
" This event made me feel happy because I like baking"
"I enjoyed the start of the week where the teachers got pied!!"
"I learned how to cook on a fire"
Let's Bake with Mrs Cook
Can you make these biscuits or maybe you can make them even yummier! Bake them at home with an adult and try them out on your friends and family.
Let's Bake with Mrs Cook- Part 2
Dont forget to share with your class teacher how you got on.
The Extra Slice
If you haven't got time to watch the whole video here are the best bits!!
Berrycoombe Bake Off- The video
Watch the teachers of Berrycoombe show off their cake decorating skills and find out who gets pie in their face.