Cornwall Week- February 2019

Cornwall Week

It’s time to be thrilled and amazed by what lies just beyond your doorstep.  This week has been full of all things Cornish, including Cream teas, Sea Shanties and looking at the beautiful County we live in. Here are the photos of the week. 


What did you learn that you did not know before during Cornwall Week?

'A myth about Cormoran the giant'

'How to make scones'

'Cornish songs and dancing'

'How to make maps – finding Cornwall on the map'


What was the best thing about Cornwall week?

'The mud run' 

'Making the cream tea'

'Fighting Anglo-Saxons'

'Making up a song about Cornwall'

Your photos of Cornwall
It looks like you have all had a brilliant week enjoying our lovely county. Thank you for sharing your photos.