Forest School

Hello, thanks for popping over to see what we have been doing in outdoor learning and forest school.

I’m Nik and I teach the outdoor learning sessions right across the school mostly every Thursday and Friday but also on some other occasions.  For example we have recently run a year 3 ‘microcamp’, had a big water pistol battle for year 6 after they finished their SAT’s and I will also be providing exciting activities for the year 5’s and 6’s who don’t go on school camp. 

I am freelance and run and teach outdoor fun stuff in lots of different places including Berrycoombe.  It’s called Miss Elvy’s Curious School of the wild and includes everything from forest school style activity to camps and creative workshops in the wild.  I started my work life as a secondary and 6th form teacher or Art, Design and Drama, so all of that blends brilliantly into the outdoors and your children get some of all of that!

At Berrycoombe, outdoor learning is a really important part of school life.  The children here are very fortunate to have regular sessions and across the whole school.  Currently Key stage 1 all have a weekly outdoor session and key stage 2 rotate on a half termly basis.  We also of course offer a Forest School club on Fridays after School for all of those children who need a bit of extra outdoor time.

What we do is very physical, involves lots of learning through play, games, singing and of course we learn about nature, our environment, the planet and how to care for it.  We also learn about fire building, food and cooking, shelter and using tools.  During all of this we are learning about ourselves all of the time.  So much of outdoor learning also encompasses learning about our physical abilities, managing risk, how to work with others, how to deal with winning and losing, developing confidence, encouraging and developing language skills and vocabulary, resilience in all weathers and conditions, and we are always developing ‘grit’.  Although some of our outdoor learning follows the curriculum most of what we do bolsters and scaffolds your child’s abilities to learn, but to make it o.k. to sometimes fail but bounce back and try again.  In this way outdoor learning sits perfectly with their B.L.P. skills [building learning power].

Here are some links you can follow to find out more about our outdoor learning at Berrycoombe.