Inspire Curriculum


We teach our children the National Curriculum through a curriculum designed by Cornwall Learning called ‘The Inspire Curriculum’. We chose the inspire curriculum for a number of different reasons:

It gets children to be questioning active learners

It brings together different subjects into integrated topics and shows how different subjects relate to each other


It gives great ideas for using and applying key skills that have been taught in English, maths and ICT


It gives breadth and balance to our curriculum


It suggests lots of interesting activities and resources that engage and stimulate children.


It provides an excellent range and breadth of experiences and topics.


It suggests lots of ways that we can link topics to the real world.


It has strong Cornish elements which means that we get to learn about where we live.


Each term the inspire curriculum details 3 cross curricular topics or themes that can be taught. Initially each topic was supposed to take 4 weeks of teaching time but as we grow familiar with the curriculum we have amended and adapted it to take account of what works and what the children like. Usually we cover 3 topics each term but sometimes we cut that to two and explore themes in greater depth.

In the document linked to on this page there is an outline of each topic year by year. Teachers always keep parents informed about what they are teaching each half term and this may vary from the objectives and activities identified.