Pupil Premium Funding


For the academic year 2017-2018 our school’s pupil premium grant allocation amount is £130,240


The main barriers to learning at Berrycoombe for disadvantaged pupils

  • A low starting point in relation to levels of attainment when starting in reception

  • Children’s readiness to learn when in school


How we will spend our pupil premium to address barriers to learning for disadvantaged pupils

  • A parental Support advisor who can support families to overcome and resolve issues that significantly impact their children’s readiness to learn at school

  • A Thrive Team to support children in school to provide long term support around emotional development and readiness to learn

  • A behaviour team to support children enabling them to manage their behaviour and ensure their behaviour is not a barrier to learning for themselves or others

  • Increased teacher staffing reducing class sizes at KS1 and EYFS to promote good progress for our youngest pupils to address their low starting point

  • A speech and language TA working across KS1 to promote good progress

  • Increased TA support in EYFS and key stage 1 to facilitate good progress


The impact of these measures will be assessed in relation to pupil progress data for our disadvantaged pupils in relation to expected progress and in relation to our non-pupil premium children.


The date of the next review of the school’s pupil premium strategy will be in July 2018

Full details of the plan and costing are included below.