"Healthy attachments allow a child to love, to become a good friend, to have a positive and useful model for future relationships" - Dr Bruce Perry.

At Berrycoombe we are committed to creating a positive learning environment where each and every child is able to reach his/her full potential.

However, for some of our children their personal, social and emotional wellbeing may benefit from extra support provided by a specialist provision known as THRIVE. This is based on the latest research in brain and child development which has shown that an interruption to, or lack of experience in, early emotional development is often expressed by children as challenging or unhealthy behaviour, which can have a massively negative impact on their ability to learn and thrive. Fortunately, research shows that it is nearly always possible to do reparative work and help them to develop in their personal, social and emotional wellbeing. The key to success is the relationship between adults and children.

We have 2 THRIVE trained TA's who deliver this specialist THRIVE provision for the children who require it. The school has developed a purpose built room for use by the 'thrive' children. It has several functions: regular 1:1 and occasional small group work, a place of refuge for the children who are struggling emotionally and sometimes a play room for named children at unstructured times.