Trips and Visits

Year 4's Steam Train Adventure!
On 13th June 2019 Year 4 walked along the Camel Trail spotting the old railway stations. We spotted Boscarne and Nanstallon Holt on the Camel Trail. We also saw lots of old signal boxes. 
We then travelled on the steam train from Boscarne to Bodmin Central and ate lunch on the platform. We then had a guided tour around the sheds and workshops where we saw some working engines and ones in parts.
'It was amazing'
'Super exciting'
'It was steamy'
'We got to see lots of train engines'
Year R/1 Visit Restormel Castle
On 1st May 2019 we visited Restormel Castle. We explored the rooms inside the castle, we climbed up to the top and walked around the battlements. We then walked all the way around the outside of the castle and looked at the deep moat.
'I liked going around the top of the castle'- Connie
'I liked it when we saw the rooms'-Mason
'I liked going into the castle and going in the kitchen'- Brooklyn
'I liked going around the battlements'- Cole
'I liked having a picnic and playing on the grass'- Nici-Jo
Year 5 trip to Feadon Farm
Year 1/2 trip to the Owl Sanctuary
April 2017
Berrycoombe School Camp 
Wednesday 24th May: Having an amazing time, it is warm and sunny. The rooms are amazing and the children are very excited and loving it. They have been on the land train to check out where they will be eating their evening meal and they have completed their team building and archery activities. 
Everyone having a great time and all asleep by half past 10!
Thursday 25th May: After a hearty breakfast of bacon rolls and as much pastry as you could manage the gang faced Hangloose. We split off into three group and all had turns at BIG Air, climbing and abseiling. The BIG Air was jumping off of platforms onto a huge stuntman-esque air bag. Most were confident at 5 feet but few were brave enough to take the leap of faith from 15 feet. Big shout out to Zack for digging deep, psyching himself into a frenzy and taking the leap! The King/Queen monkeys of climbing were Keris, Jack and Jacob. As for abseiling, the girls outshone the boys!

After a fancy ‘Eden’ packed lunch, we had the Rainforest workshop. Unfortunately the top tier of the biome was closed as they had recorded temperatures of up to 52 degrees! We discovered what rainforest plants were used for food, which were used for shelter and what could be used for medicine (papaya for indigestion anyone?!). We then had to discover what plants a lost tribe in Papua New Guinea used to survive and then present it to the rest of the group afterwards.

Dinner was amazing! See you all tomorrow!

Year 2 trip to the Eden Project
April 2017
Year 3 and 4 trip to the Royal Cornwall Show
March 2017
Milking cows, drinking milkshake, stroking animals, eating ice cream, chopping up a vegetables, planting seeds and so much more. Year 3 and 4 had a brilliant day out.
Whole school trip to Polzeath beach July 2016
 Year 6 Trip to Polzeath Beach.

We went to Polzeath Beach as part of our maths curriculum. We had a morning of fun all based around maths.