Spring Term 2



This term, children will be revising their knowledge of written methods of multiplication and division. These methods will allow them to calculate using 1 and two digit numbers. After this, children will move onto using money and calculating in a variety of ways including giving change.

As ever the 3,4 and 8 times tables are our focus and there will be daily practice of these.



Children will begin by using descriptive language to paint a picture of the ocean in the eye of their reader. This will include expanded noun phrases, similes, adjectives adverbs and different, descriptive sentence types.

Following this, the children will learn about the effect that climate change is having on our oceans and will take part in debates about this before learning the features of persuasive writing and writing a persuasive letter on this issue.

We will finish the term by researching and writing a fact file on a fascinating creature of the deep.



This term we will learn about plants. Children will learn to name and identify the parts of plants, learn what they need to grow well, how they move water and much more. We will also investigate plants of the oceans and research how these differ from plants of the land.



This term we are learning about Oceans. We will learn where they are, how they came to be formed and what life lies within them. We will also explore the effect of pollution and climate change on our oceans and this will be tied into our Literacy work.



We will begin the term by learning to draw insects using a variety of methods before moving onto using these techniques to create a beautiful drawing of an under sea creature.