Year 3 Spring Half Term 1

Topic: The Romans


This term we will be focusing on multiplication and division.

This is important as this ability to calculate is at the root of all Mathematics.

All year we will be focusing on learning our times tables from the 2, 5 and 10 ‘s up to the 3, 4 and 8’s. We will learn these through song, rhyme and good old fashioned chanting! This term our focus will be on the 3s and related division facts for all of the times tables we know.


This year we will be basing our Literacy around the class text, which will relate to or topic. The first text, which will also be used for Guided Reading, is “Meet The Ancient Romans”, which is a non-fiction text, before moving onto the fiction book “Escape from Pompeii”

We will begin by retelling the story of the birth of Rome, “Romulus and Remus”, we will then move onto writing information texts and retelling the story of “Escape from Pompeii”.


We will be exploring the Roman times in depth, discovering how people lived, where they lived and the important things in their life. We will explore this in a variety of ways: research, role play and art included.


This term we will be exploring Forces and Magnets. We will take part in various experiments and will record our predictions, results and conclusions as part of working scientifically.

Physical Education

This term PE will be taken on Wednesdays and run by the company Go Active. Please ensure the children have full PE kit in school this day.