Year 3 Autumn Half Term 1

Topic: Fairytales


This term we will be focusing place value before moving onto addition and subtraction.  Place Value o

is vitally important as it helps us understand the value of each digit and will make addition and subtraction much easier.

All year we will be focusing on learning our times tables from the 2, 5 and 10 ‘s up to the 3, 4 and 8’s. We will learn these through song, rhyme and good old fashioned chanting! This term our focus will be on the 3s and related division facts for all of the times tables we know.


This year we will be basing our Literacy around the class text, which will relate to or topic. The first text, which will also be used for Guided Reading, is Little Red Riding Hood. We will first focus on story writing, using character and setting descriptions to make sure our writing is engaging to our reader. We will also learn how to use paragraphs and punctuation for speech.


We will be looking at different parts of the world where our favourite fairytales emerged from as well as building fairytale houses and creating our own fairytale.

We will also be learning to evaluate, plan and make our own bread that could have been carried in Little Red Riding Hood’s basket. We will, of course, be inviting you in to taste this!


This term we will be exploring different scientists and inventors. We will explore what they did that was so important and how it continues to help us today.

Physical Education:

This term PE will be taken on two different afternoon, a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please ensure all children have a full PE kit in school on these days.