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Spring Term 1

Crime and Punishment


During this half-term the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of multiplication and division. They will learn how to use formal written methods for both division and multiplication which will enable them to solve a variety of problems.

There will be a focus on Times Tables and by the end of the term all children will hopefully know all of their times tables up to 12 X 12.



In Guided Reading we will be focusing on the book “Beetle boy” which is a fiction book about a young boy who finds himself embroiled in a mystery! We will secure our understanding of the challenging vocabulary and develop our ability to answer challenging question types.

In writing we will begin the term by focusing on the poem, “The Highwayman”. We will learn the poem and develop our use of inference and deduction to understand the message in the poem. We will continue by exploring the language used within the poem before attempting to write our own poem in the same style.



This term we will learn about sound. We will explore how sound is created by vibrations which travel through the air, or another medium, to reach the ear of an animal or human. We will explore pitch and volume and even make our own string telephones!



During this History unit the children will learn about crime and punishment through the ages and how this has affected our own justice system today.  We will travel through time to look at the justice systems of the Romans, the Anglo Saxons, the Tudors and Victorians. We will also study Highwaymen, in particular, Dick Turpin. This ties in neatly with our work In Literacy.


Art and Design

This term we will be creating our own freestanding structure to design and make a marble run. We will learn to make structures more secure through joining methods and how to create bridges. To finish off, we will take inspiration from our crime and punishment topic and create a trap at the end of the marble run-somewhat similar to Mousetrap!