Year 4

Autumn Term 2



During this half-term the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction. They will learn how to use addition and subtraction with four digit numbers including exchanging. They will also estimate answers.Towards the end of the term they will move on to learning about length and perimeter.


The children will read Ash’s Big Challenge and write instructions on how to look after a Pokemon. Then they will explore explanation writing and will create a Pokemon of their very own and write an explanation text to go alongside it. To finish the year the children will write a Pokemon story of their own.  


This term we will learn about states of matter. Children will learn about the difference between solids, liquids and gases as well as the changes that occur to these when exposed to cold or heat. The children will design and carry out an experiment of their own design around this learning before moving onto learning about evaporation and the water cycle.   


During this Geography unit children will travel around the world learning about the equator and the southern and northen hemisphere, longitude and latitude, the polar regions and all about different time zones. Children will also focus some leanring on Japan, the home of the creator of Pokemon!