Welcome to Berrycoombe
On behalf of the children, staff and governors we would like to welcome you to Berrycoombe Community Primary School.

If you are new, or curious about our school, I hope this website gives you a flavour of the wonderful learning that takes place here.

If you are an existing parent, I hope that you find the website informative, helping you keep up to date with your child's learning and all the exciting things that are taking place throughout the school.
At Berrycoombe we believe that education is important because it gives your child freedom and choice both now and in the future. Education empowers children. We are committed in ensuring that your child makes an excellent start to their learning.

At Berrycoombe we have high aspirations and hopes for your child. We will ensure they love their learning and have fun. That they feel safe at school and fulfil their full academic potential.

We are friendly, informal and always willing to listen, support and help.
Positive Relationship Behaviour Policy

I just want to thank all the parents and children and governors who gave us feedback at the beginning of the year aPositive Relationship Behaviour Policyround how they wanted us to develop our behaviour policy.  We call this policy our 'Positive Relationship Policy' because we firmly believe that good behaviour starts with good relationships with children.

We have been following the policy for the last term and it has been very effective at building positive relationships within school and promoting good behaviour.

This policy details how we manage behaviour within the school.