School Council

Berrycoombe School Council
As a school council we aim to meet fortnightly to discuss school related issues such as ideas for event weeks, clubs. new playground equipment and any health and safety problems which need to be dealt with.
The school councillors represent the views of their classes and Craig regularly holds a 'Berrycoombe Parliament' in assembly, where the councillors can share what they have talked about and gather the opinions from the rest of the school.
New school councillors are elected annually.
Promoting Active Democracy Loudly
School Council and Healthy School
Isaac, Tia and Thomas have been busy finding out how much sugar is in a variety of popular drinks. They presented their findings in assembly and it will be used as part of a sugar awareness display.
School Council Meeting Notes
Communicating with our neighbours
Children at Berrycoombe have requested to have music played in the playground on a Friday. The School Council felt it would be neighbourly to write to the local residents to notify them of this so that they were aware it would be happening and at what times.
The council were really pleased with the response that they received from a local resident and are happy that they had taken the time to do this.