Class teachers will make it clear what the homework is for your child.  This is communicated using letters emailed to parents and carers.  However the most effective homework that you can do with your child at home is read.  Establishing a good reading homework routine makes a massive difference to how well your child will do at school.  Please choose a moment in the day where you regularly read a book together and talk about what you have read. 

Our Library is online

Teachers will have supplied you with Myon log in details.

Once your child has logged on, they will have access Myon which is like Netflix for books. There are over 5700 books that you child can read.  A whole library at their finger tips.

The books are carefully leveled so they match your child’s reading level.  There are thousands of books to read, and children have the option of reading themselves, or having the book read to them.  They can instantly look up words they do not know and are able to take short online multiple-choice quizzes at the end of the book to see how well they have understood. 

This uses the same accelerated reader technology we use in school with the older children (KS2) and teachers can assess and feedback on how your child is doing.  The children already understand what to do but just in case, each teacher has provided a short tutorial on their class page on the school website.  Just click on the ‘Classroom’ tab and select your child’s class. 

Happy reading.