How we teach Reading

How you can help at home

Help your child to learn their phonics sounds.  Use the sound cards provided by the teacher.  Especially in Reception with the first set of sounds.

Read with your child every night (or as close to that as possible).  20 minutes a night makes a huge difference now and in the future. 

In Reception Year 1 and Year 2 Children will have a book provided by the class teacher. 

With the shorter books for our younger children we like them to read it three times.  Once for accuracy, once for fluency and once for comprehension.

In Year 3 to Year 6 children will choose their own book form the library from a range given to them by the teacher.  This means that your child has the pleasure of reading a book they have chosen but are being supported and guided to choose a book that is not to hard or to easy.  Read with your child and ask them lots of questions about what it all means.  Please have fun and enjoy your time together.